Fine Arts

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At Cornerstone Christian Academy, we value academic excellence, and we want our students to be well rounded in their school experiences as well.

Our Fine Arts Department currently consists of Art, Music, and Drama programs. All of our elementary students participate in art and music throughout the school year. A variety of elective semester classes are also a part of our middle school schedules.

Preschool Music

Cornerstone believes that exposing children to music at an early age is an important part of development. That’s why we regularly incorporate the John Feierabend Curriculum, along with a variety of additional children’s songs and musical games, into their weekly routine. Our preschoolers sing, dance, play instruments, as well as learn how to match pitch and internalize the beat, developing an overall appreciation of music.

Elementary Music

During their elementary years, students are thoroughly prepared for vocal and/or instrumental music. Our skillful music instructors teach students correct singing technique and how to read music, as well as how to play a number of children’s instruments, including the hand bells, recorder, and xylophone. Recent productions from our elementary students include Annie, Cinderella, and The Jungle Book.


Our choir rehearses before school three days per week. Students learn traditional choral music, hymns, Christian rock, songs in foreign languages, and musicals. In particular, musicals allow students the opportunity to better sharpen their acting, singing, and choreography skills. In addition to performing at our annual Christmas concert and spring recital, our choir also performs at the American Petroleum Institute Houston chapter luncheon, Casa Home Tours, and local retirement homes.

Fifth Grade Beginner Band

Fifth graders enjoy band three days out of the week, further learning how to read music and practicing proper posture and breathing techniques. Instruments offered, include alto saxophone, baritone, bass clarinet, clarinet, flute, oboe, percussion, tenor saxophone, trombone, trumpet, and tuba.

Middle School Band

Band is an elective option for our sixth – eighth grade students. The class meets daily to perform music where students learn scales and chorales, as well as how to play with the correct embouchure and proper intonation. In addition to performing at school pep rallies and for Grandparent Day, the middle school band performs at the annual school-wide Christmas concert and spring recital.

Honors Band

Honors Band brings the top, more advanced musicians from our middle school band together to rehearse once a week during the fall semester. During this time, students play more challenging pieces to better hone their craft. The Honors Band performs at the an annual school-wide Christmas concert, as well as at the Casa Home Tours.

Jazz Band

Fifth – eighth grade students make up the Cornerstone Jazz Band. Students rehearse once a week during the spring semester to perform in an ensemble setting, learning stylistic genres of Swing, Rock, and Ballads. Jazz Band performs a spring concert and at school pep rallies.